Grand County Search & Rescue (GCSAR)

The Busiest Search and Rescue Team in Utah
When people think of Moab, Utah, they think of world-class outdoor recreation. To many, it's the mountain biking capitol of the universe.

To others, lured by the exciting rapids of the Colorado River, it's a rafting mecca. An endless maze of red rock canyons and cliffs beckons hikers, climbers, jeep aficionados and others from all over the world.
SAR Image of Moab and Mountains
More than a million visitors a year funnel through this small town in rural southeastern Utah, most on their way to that long-awaited "adventure of a lifetime." Having an adventure is guaranteed out here, but a few folks get more than they bargained for.

Unforgiving Environment
As beautiful as the wilderness environs of Moab are, they can be very unforgiving. The desert's mix of hot temperatures, rugged terrain and extraordinary remoteness, coupled with a dangerous mix of underestimating supplies and overestimating abilities, has created some unfortunate circumstances for many visitors. And sometimes, even after taking diligent precautions, the desert just has its way with the most prepared of adventurers.

And That's Where We Come In
The Grand County Search and Rescue team has evolved over the years from an informal jeep posse under the wing of an authentic western sheriff to a well-trained crew of volunteers known for their professionalism. Within the ranks of the core Grand County Search and Rescue team, specialized units have been formed to tackle the diverse rescue challenges presented by the awesome canyon country surrounding Moab.

The regular schedule of general SAR training, along with additional training for the specialized units, ensures that the volunteers of GCSAR are ready to do the best job during your worst times. View photos from Grand County Search and Rescues.